Monday, March 21, 2011

In recovery mode

Life happens...not always as planned.  Last Wednesday I had my list of things to do.  It was a crazy day but I knew I'd make it through.  Focus on the list and I knew everything would be alright.  Updating my blog was right near the top of the list.  Putting everything on hold because of a car accident was no where near top of the list.  It wasn't even on the list, until it happened.  Fortunately I was the only one in the van when an oncoming pick up crossed the center line because the driver fell asleep.  I swerved so it wasn't head on but it's still not great.  I'm OK.  Mostly.  Muscle aches and pains mostly.  My poor van though is in pretty rough shape.  Some meds, massage and rest for me and a whole lot of body work, or maybe just a whole new van for the vehicle.

Thus, all the things on my list were put on hold.  I'm now just getting back to my blog.  I haven't even sat at my scrappy desk since the accident but fortunately I had just finished up a few projects so I'll share those with you.

These cards were done for a March challenge by Erica at Dixie Pieces, challenging us to make cards from leftovers from other projects.  That's exactly what I did!

I also took on a challenge from Tammy at Dixie Pieces to complete a "UFO"  (unfinished object).  I completed a card kit.  It was a fabulous kit from a class I was supposed to have taken at BC Crop For Kids in Oct. with Cari Locken.  (I just love her!)  I had to miss the class but still absolutely adored the cards and had a bunch of fun making them too!  When I took on the challenge I had one card done (the one on the bottom right).  I played and strayed from the instructions on a few but I love the end results!

Now to get these posted over at Dixie Pieces...

Thanks for looking!


Scrapamum said...

OMG Michelle, so glad your okay. I couldn't imagine how scary that was. Thank goodness kids weren't in the car.
All of your cards are gorgeous!!!!

Margo said...

Love all of the cards Michelle!! And glad it was just the van needing the body work - not you!!